About Enhanced Healthcare

We go above and beyond to deliver reliable, person-centred care and support which helps individuals live their lives as fully and as comfortably as possible.


Welcome to Enhanced Healthcare

I’m Chanel, Director, and part of the leadership team at Enhanced Healthcare. It is my responsibility and personal mission to deliver a staffing solution you can rely on. We ensure the care and support our team delivers is always to the highest industry standard to do this we invest in ongoing industry training and qualifications to ensure your service runs as smoothly as possible on a day to day basis.

At Enhanced Healthcare, we’re committed to going that extra mile to deliver healthcare and agency recruitment services that exceed your bespoke needs and requirements. With 20+ years industry experience, we are confident that we can provide what you are looking for, whether that be ad-hoc cover, contract, or permanent staffing solutions.

If there is anything you need, whether that is further information about the services we provide or to discuss your circumstances and requirements, please contact us.



Mission Statement

To foster an environment of positivity, reliability and comfort for our community, for those in need of our high-quality care and support, and all involved with Enhanced Healthcare; by investing in industry training to positively impact the delivery provision, our workforce and recruitment, and the community, we guarantee a positive, consistent and person-centred experience for all.

Our values


Quality & Excellence

At the heart of everything we do is the provision of person-centred, compassionate care and support delivered by our dedicated and skilled specialists.

We understand that to ensure the best care and support services for those in need, our teams require the highest standard of industry training to successfully fulfil their roles.

To guarantee this, we foster an environment whereby everybody is qualified and feels confident, comfortable, supported and valued, which in turn ensures personal, professional and safe care is provided.


Dignity & Respect

We are proud of the inclusive culture we have established, whereby everybody is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Operating in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, we promote and celebrate the diversity of our community; it is for this reason that we have created this inclusive environment and work in a manner that upholds the highest standards and principles for such.

We understand and respect that individuals with additional needs should experience care that encompasses their personal values and goals and by working together to create a personalised support plan, we empower these people to do so.


Transparency & Accountability

As a person-centred healthcare provider, we promote transparency and accountability in all the services we offer.

We understand that honesty, integrity and reliability are essential to develop mutual trust and collaboration, improved and consistent communication, and continual learning and development. This ensures that everybody is visible and listened to, supported and safeguarded.

We have established a culture whereby everybody has the chance to have their say and openness is encouraged to deliver successful and reliable care and support.


We have so much to offer you

An agency service you can always rely on. We offer adaptable, bespoke and reliable staffing solutions for each organisation we work with.

Here’s why we are right for you

We Are Passionate

Our passion is our people; we have established positive relationships with our entire community, ensuring everybody is supported and happy.

We Are Reliable

We are committed to providing a reliable service; our healthcare experts are approachable, professional and work to the highest industry standard.

We Are Caring

We care about everybody and are dedicated to establishing a care/support plan that fosters a happy and positive environment for each individual.


Care and support for all

We believe everyone should be able to live their lives fully and comfortably