The Perks of Working With Us

At Enhanced Healthcare, we want our dynamic team to feel valued, which is why we offer a variety of perks to show our appreciation for everything you do.


We have created these benefits and rewards, now it’s time for you to enjoy them.

Leading Pay Rates

By offering industry-leading pay rates Enhanced Healthcare ensures our team feels both valued and fairly rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Health and wellbeing

Weekly Pay

Unlimited Refer a friend bonus

Paid travel expenses*

Unrivalled support and guidance from industry experts

Skills and job match

Enhanced skills academy

Choose when and where you work

Free uniform & DBS refund*

Dedicated service 24/7

Everything in one simple app


Refer a friend

With our refer-a-friend you can earn up to



for each referral, so not only do you introduce someone to career success, but you also reap the rewards for spreading the word. Start referring today and watch your earnings grow!



Your hard work has shown your dedication to Enhanced Healthcare and we want to shout about it as loud as we can to our community. By recognising and celebrating your commitment to Enhanced Healthcare, we can say thank you with one of our many rewards, as well as empowering others to work in the same manner.