Skills Academy

At Enhanced Healthcare, we’re not just about providing exceptional staffing solutions – we’re committed to empowering our team members with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles. We believe in investing wholeheartedly in our team to ensure they are empowered to deliver the highest quality services possible.


Theory & Practical training

At Enhanced Healthcare, our training is carefully crafted to give health and social care professionals the practical know-how to thrive in their jobs. It helps them tackle challenges with confidence and skill. Whether you are expanding your skills or refreshing existing skills quality training is the key to exceptional care and support. 

Practical Basic Life Support inc. Safe use of AED's

Encompassing the safe use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), is designed to equip participants with essential life-saving skills. Covering topics such as the Recovery Position, Bleeding management, and Shock, participants will learn to assess and respond to various medical emergencies effectively. Through hands-on CPR demonstrations and practice sessions incorporating the D.R.S.A.B.C approach, as well as instruction on Resuscitation techniques including AED usage, participants will develop the confidence to intervene in critical situations. Additionally, the course addresses Unconsciousness, Head Injuries, and Choking emergencies, providing practical demonstrations and empowering participants to respond efficiently in these scenarios.

Practical People Moving & Handling

Tracheostomy & Advanced Airways Management

Epilepsy Awareness & Administration of Buccal

Diabetes & Type 1 Administration


Safety Intervention

CSTF & CPD Accredited Mandatory Training

Bespoke Training

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